Celebrity Chef Knives

This page showcases the knives used by the top chef’s in the world

Celebrity Chefs – As Seen On TV 

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Alton Brown

Bobby Flay

Guy Fieri

Gordan Ramsay

Giada De Laurentiis

Ree Drummond

Wolfgang Puck

Rachael Ray

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Michael Caines

Rich Stein

Art Smith

Michelin Star Winning Chefs

The Michelin Star is a prestigious accolade awarded to chefs and restaurants for exceptional cuisine. Originating from the Michelin Guide, it evaluates quality of ingredients, cooking techniques, and consistency. Stars range from one, indicating a very good restaurant, to three, for exceptional cuisine worth a special journey. This honor significantly boosts a chef’s reputation and their restaurant’s status.


Michelin Star Chefs – Click a name to learn about that chef and see what knives they prefer

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Matty Matheson

Amaury Guichon

David Chang

Alex Giarnaschelli

Vikas Khanna

Antonia Lofaso

Monica Galetti